Letter from the CEO

Charles M. Seeger
President & CEO

Founder’s Note

When the Berlin Wall came down, I was Government Counsel for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and had the privilege of working with Nobel Laureates in Economics, Milton Friedman and Merton Miller. The confluence of that work experience and events in Europe led me to surmise that knowledge of law and economics and markets would be in high demand from the Danube to the Urals. People would yearn for, and work to enhance their personal prosperity once permitted to do so. And, millions of people striving to enhance themselves would enhance their communities and nations.

Thus, I wanted to start Financial Markets International – a boutique consulting firm that would specialize in financial sector development for fledgling economies. FMI began with the conviction of our ideas and belief in free markets and the rule of law.

FMI started competing for clients in 1992. Among our first donor clients was USAID. They saw our special expertise, approach, and projected results were worth funding. From there, we simply performed. And then performed again. Success bred success, and we were off. Over time, we created more innovations, more results, and more clients. Always proceeding with the fear that a client’s expectations and a project’s results might not be met. So, you get on an airplane and work countless hours to best gain success.

Talent. Dedication. Perseverance. Results. That is how you build a business. That is how we built FMI.

Since our founding, it has been an exhilarating quarter century and more. FMI has been a catalyst for free markets, legal environments, economic growth – and helping individuals and nations seek their aspirations.

We are proud of our accomplishments. They are hinted at throughout this website.

My gratitude to the hundreds of employees and consultants who have worked for FMI, and shared our dedicated and demanding ethic.

Charles M. Seeger, JD
President & CEO
Financial Markets International, Inc.