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Europe & Eurasia

FMI was founded in the wake of the Cold War to assist post-socialist nations to develop market-based economies. In the years since, FMI has been at the vanguard of economic development in Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the Caucasus. FMI has worked with donor agencies and private institutions to develop and implement programs focusing on capital market development, corporate governance, legal reform, access to finance, credit guarantees, and securities exchange development. FMI has successfully implemented dozens of multi-year projects in the region, totaling over $100 million in value. Over the past two decades, FMI has worked in 11 countries in the Europe and Eurasia region.

Middle East

FMI has implemented a series of Middle Eastern capital market and private sector development programs for USAID and other donors. FMI served as the principal USAID financial sector development advisor in West Bank/Gaza for nearly a decade, including implementing programs on banking, SME lending, NBFI development, and capital markets regulation. For the U.S. State Department, FMI implemented a competitiveness and access to finance project in Jordan that trained hundreds of SMEs and bankers. FMI has also advised private sector clients in the region, including the Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation.

Middle-East  Where we work page
Africa Where we work page


Primarily working in Northern and Southern Africa, FMI has developed a unique expertise in commercial law reform and SME development in Africa. FMI implemented a comprehensive operational and financial review of a major regional enterprise development fund, working across South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Relying on a proprietary credit risk management tool, FMI has trained hundreds of financial advisors and business development specialists in South Africa. Additionally, FMI improved and modernized key segments of the commercial law framework and court system in Morocco.


FMI has implemented financial sector development programs across 12 countries in Asia, focusing on capital markets, banking, NBFI, securities markets, pensions, access to finance, and education. FMI has advised Central Banks and financial sector supervisors in South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Mongolia. In Central Asia, FMI assisted the governments of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic to improve the legal and regulatory environment and strengthen capital markets. In India, FMI strengthened the legal, policy, and regulatory framework for commodity futures markets. And in Indonesia, FMI designed and implemented a nation-wide training, financial literacy, and workforce development program. FMI has also advised leading private-sector securities and commodity exchanges across the region.

Latin-America Where we work page

Latin America & the Caribbean

FMI’s work in Latin America and the Caribbean has focused on key regional issues, including trade and investment, poverty alleviation, and legal and regulatory reform. FMI implemented a three-year USAID project to promote trade and investment among Nicaragua’s leading export industries, and to harmonize the legal and regulatory regime with the country's treaty obligations. FMI developed a country strategy for economic growth in Jamaica and provided technical assistance to the securities commission. And in Brazil, FMI assisted the World Bank to support commodities and securities market reforms, including developing appropriate regulations and oversight.