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Our Partners

Over nearly three decades, FMI has established and relied upon lasting relationships with a range of actors. FMI’s clients include USAID and all of the major international donor agencies, host-country governments, private banks, pension funds, securities and commodities exchanges, credit guarantee funds, and technology firms. To meet the needs of these diverse clients, FMI works with a network of companies, NGOs, foundations, academic institutions, and civil-society organizations around the world. Together, FMI and our partners advance locally tailored solutions to the most pressing economic growth challenges. FMI is continuously seeking to identify new partners to complement our ​international work. Please contact us to learn more.

Small Business Status

FMI is a Small Business under applicable USAID, USG, and SBA criteria. FMI is small by design, with a deliberate focus on financial sector development across six technical areas. Unlike many Small Business USAID contractors, FMI does not claim to do every type of development work. Instead, FMI has built a reputation for technical excellence within our niche specialty. FMI is one of the only Small Business contractors that primarily serves as a prime contractor for USAID and other donors. In addition, FMI seeks to build lasting partnerships with select large business contractors, where our Small Business expertise can buttress their work. Please contact us to learn more.

Contracting Vehicles

FMI currently holds the following USG umbrella contracts, through which programs can be rapidly funded through an expedited competitive bidding process:

  • USAID INVEST Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA)
  • GSA Multiple Award Schedule
  • USAID Public Financial Management (PFM) II IDIQ (subcontract to DT-Global)
  • USAID/Jordan Economic Reform Activity (ERA) IDIQ
  • DFC Direct Equity IDIQ

Job Opportunities

FMI is hiring! We are currently seeking experienced and qualified applicants in the following areas:

FMI is always looking for experienced and qualified consultants for short and long-term overseas assignments, and we strongly encourage you to send us your resume. Please submit all materials to:  Please be advised that only qualified candidates will be considered.

Thank you for your interest in FMI. FMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.